Research interest

  • Queueing, other stochastic models and mathematical programming for performance measure, capacity and resource planning and management in business, healthcare, telecommunications and other communication networks
  • Data analytics for business, earth, environmental sciences and healthcare

Visiting, Postdoc and PhD study in Operational Research and Statistics at Staffordshire University

  • Any query regarding potential visiting position, postdoc and PhD study in Operational Research and/or Statistics at Staffordshire University is welcome, particularly, modelling, performance measure and capacity allocation in telecommunication and healthcare using stochastic and optimisation models, and also in big data analytics

Visitor, Postdoctoral Researcher and PhD Student (Current and Previous)

  • Ramzi Fayad, Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Beirut Arab University, (Erasmus Fellow at Stafforshire University)
  • Ghanim Al-Hasani, PhD student, Topic: Modelling, analysis and economic impact of road traffic accidents (Principal supervisor)
  • Derek Colley, PhD student, Topic: Database query performance optimisation (Co-supervisor)Abdullah Khalili, PhD student, Topic: Padestrian Tracking (Co-supervisor)